A Long Over-Due Update

Greetings from Endless Summer!

Things have been very busy in our worlds – which has lead to a lack of website updates and more importantly a restriction in how many new clients we are able to see.

At this time, only one of our therapists is able to take new clients. We are on the search for another part-time therapist to add to the Endless Summer family, but until this time we will mostly be restricting our practice to our established clients.

If you need a referral, please let us know. We have a few great names we can pass along!

Happy and healthy wishes,


All About Comfort

Remember that your massage is all about you. In case you didn’t know, we have eye pillows to block out light, extra blankets if you get chilled, we can remove the thick blanket and even aim a fan at the table if you get warm. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t get all of the benefits of your massage!


Please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something we can do to make your session more comfortable.