Head, Neck & Shoulders

Faith and Jessica just signed up for a continuing education course in April focusing on the head, neck and shoulders. It includes techniques for myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and biodynamic osteopathy. We look forward to sharing what we learn with our clients!

Learning More About the Body

Faith is out at the Body Therapy Institute this week attending a great course called The New Science of the Body, taught by one of the leading bodywork educators in the field, Tom Myers. 

It is all about new ways to look at the body as a whole and as an intricate, interwoven system. Then, with the incorporation of current research and the backing of science, how to use that knowledge in bodywork to help clients achieve wellness. Good stuff.


What Have I Learned?

Every 2 years we must renew our massage and bodywork licenses. There are multiple requirements for renewal, including 24 hours of continuing education. 2013 is the year our licenses are up for renewal and the board just started allowing renewal applications (it’s not due till November.) However, I (Jessica) decided to go ahead and apply for renewal to get it out of the way.

Anyway, in the process of applying for renewal I had to detail all of my continuing education for the past 2 years. Most continuing education gives a provider more information and tools to use in their practice. Some large courses actually train you to become specialized in a specific area or modality. Faith and I did that during the last renewal period when we did our training with Ralph Smith in Medical Massage. I didn’t chose specialization this time. But, I thought our clients enjoy reading the courses I took for my CEUs.

Medical massage graduate forum focusing on the sacrum and SI joint

Massage and manual therapy for hip pain

Therapeutic reflexology to relieve headache and back pain

Ethics and professionalism

Effective prevention and treatment of running injuries

These courses don’t qualify me as an expert in any of those areas, but it gives me more knowledge along with techniques to use in the treatment room. I also had college level courses that would have been usable for continuing education: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Pathophysiology. However, I had enough hours from my regular massage courses and seminars.

Faith hasn’t done her renewal application yet, so she hasn’t compiled her list of continuing ed yet. I’m definitely on the early side of things 🙂

Animal Massage

Jessica watched an animal massage presentation for continuing education from the Northwest School of Animal Massage this week. It was a part of the World Massage Conference, which is a large, annual conference for licensed massage therapists (people.) Animal massage really is gaining in popularity and interest! A few new ideas were seen that she looks forward to using in her animal practice 🙂


Exciting news! Today Faith is taking a class in reflexology from Claire Miller, one of the leading instructors in the modality. Soon reflexology will be available at Endless Summer Massage!