Announcement About Parking

As the ninth street area grows and changes parking becomes a little more challenging. Until recently, the upper level of our building has been vacant, which allowed us free reign of all of the parking areas around our building. Now that those offices have been rented, the spaces in front of the building are allocated to the clients and employees of the buisnesses upstairs.

So where should you park? We have 3 options to choose from. There are three spaces directly in front of the entrance to our section of the building (off the gravel drive). If you go past those spots and turn left, through the metal gate, behind our building is a parking lot we can use (despite the no parking sign on the gate – it is to discourage people shopping on ninth street) and finally there is the 2 hour parking on Iredell street.

We appologize for the inconvenience! If you have any questions, please let us know!

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday & the New Year!

Our sincerest wishes to all for a lovely holiday season!

We were closed on Christmas Eve & Christmas day & we will be closed on New Year’s day as well (we are open the other days this week.)

Our tradition is to go on a long hike on New Year’s day to enjoy nature, fresh air and being active. If you are so inclined, you should do the same. It’s a lovely way to start the year.

Jessica & Faith

Happy Thanksgiving!

Endless Summer Massage will be closed  from Thursday through Sunday this week to enjoy the thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Have a lovely holiday!

Did you know?

At Endless Summer, we try to think of little things that may help our clients.

Did you know…

If you are cold natured, we can add an extra blanket or turn up the table warmer?

If you have long hair, but forgot a hair tie we have a supply in a jar on our desk. (Please keep them once used!)

If you are uncomfortable laying face down because of your bust size, we have a specialized pillow to relieve that pressure?

If you need to use the restroom mid-session, we have a robe you can put on to dart down the hallway (not ideal, but at least it’s an option!)

If you prefer lotion to massage gel (what we usually use in session) – just ask. If you have something you prefer at home, bring it with you and we will try it out.

If you don’t like the sleepy massage music, we can play other music.

If you have any other requests, just ask! You never know, we may be able to accommodate!

Neck Wrap for Tight, Sore Muscles

I’ve recommended this delightful neck wrap to many clients and today I looked it up online. I thought I would share it. I think *anyone* would benefit from this awesome wrap. You throw it in the microwave for a short bit (I usually do 2 min, but play around with it) and it stays warm for quite awhile. It’s better than other wraps because it actually drapes down in the back to give warmth to the tight rhomboids most everyone seems to have. Also, it has a removable cover so you can easily wash it. Good stuff for tight, sore necks. I use mine pretty regularly…

Here it is on Amazon.


How do you use a Theracane?

We regularly recommend the Theracane for home use as a tool to help clients work out some of the knots and tension that develop in our shoulders, neck and upper back. It’s a great tool, since it’s hard to reach those places on yourself! Plus it uses mostly leverage instead of strength.

I was recently searching for a how-to video for a client and I found a pretty good one that covers common areas that cause people trouble. But, if you want to learn more just do a web search for how to use theracane, or you can be specific and type in what is bothering you. It can be used on a lot of different muscle groups and I’ve found it to be very effective in warding off tension headaches as well.

If you decide you’d like to get one, they can be found on Amazon, or locally they are carried by the Healthy Back Store (if you mention Endless Summer Massage you get a discount – it doesn’t benefit us in anyway, only our clients.)

Here is a pretty good video with tips for how you can use your Theracane.

Foam rolling and Back Pain

I periodically get the question about using a foam roller for back muscles. The foam roller works incredibly well for a lot of different muscle groups, but the back can be a challenge. In researching something for a client, I ran across this website with some really helpful information on how to do it. 

Remember with foam rolling, or actually with any self-massage tool, it usually takes some practice to get it right. Learning how to position yourself, how to use the right amount of pressure, etc. may be challenging in the beginning. But, stick with it. The more you care for yourself between sessions, the better you will feel!

Cold and Flu season

Every year, about this time, we get calls from clients asking if massage would be good or bad if they are coming down with or recovering from a cold or a flu. The quick answer is to avoid massage if you are coming down with something or if you are actively sick. If you are recovering (a week or more past initial symptoms) massage might help to clear the last of the symptoms. Jessica wrote a short article in 2011 about the subject, which you can read here.

Healthy wishes for the new year!

Stretching for Health

I suggest stretching to just about everyone… Stretching is just good for you! We spend too much time sitting and not enough time moving around. Often the stretches I suggest are specific for what’s tight, but it’s good to have a daily stretch routine.

There are lots of them out there, but here is a classic, by Bob Anderson. The first 2 pages are a daily stretch routine. The other pages target neck and shoulders then there is a page for the office dwellers. 🙂

It might take awhile at first, but if you do them daily, it will get faster and easier.

Print it out and give it a try!

Stretching by Bob Anderson