Techniques For Runners

As most of our clients know, we are both runners and enjoy working with athletes as a part of our business.

In February I (Jessica) had the opportunity to attend a great continuing education class titled, Effective Prevention and Treatment of Running Injuries. It was full of so much information. I learned about dynamic stretching for general physical health and in preparation for exercise and running. I learned a bit about how to utilize KT tape. I learned massage and stretching techniques for both runners and other types of athletes.

As a result of the class, I’m working on take home materials for clients for stretching, foam rolling and other self-care techniques. Feel free to ask either one of us about it.

In the meantime, I ran across this blog post that compares foam rolling and roller sticks for self-care. I thought it was nicely written, short and to the point. And these tools aren’t only for athletes!

Donation Made!

We have great news! I just wrote the check for our donation to Red Dog Farm. Over the month of February we took $5 of our fees from each massage to donate to this rescue group. Our donation totaled over $160!

If you want to help, please mail them a check or give them a call to see how you can help. Share the love and help the animals!

They are a non-profit animal rescue network dedicated to the rehabilitation, fostering and adoption of animals of all sizes