Massage for Headaches

Since I (Jessica) love working with headache clients, I’m regularly reading up on massage/headache articles. I found this one tonight and thought it was great to share. In particular it talks about self-care, which I strongly recommend to clients. Professional massage is incredible for the relief of headaches, but it’s just not possible to always get in for a session when one strikes. I want clients to help themselves. The goal is a healthier and happier client, whatever the means!


Self-care for headaches


Fundraiser Through Endless Summer Massage!

Faith and I decided to make April a fundraising month through our business, Endless Summer Massage. Below is the message we just sent out to our lovely clients. We have the best group of people as clients and we look forward to taking part of our fees and applying it to our TnT fundraiser total!



As we talked about in February, our mission this year is to do more to give back. So far we transitioned to requesting clients bring their own water bottles to decrease our use of disposable plastic water bottles and we did a fundraiser for Red Dog Farms (an animal rescue in Greensboro.) For the month of April, we are donating part of our session fees to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. If you don’t want to read more, here’s the reader’s digest version: What do you need to do? Nothing, unless you want to. All of our appointments during the month of April will be the normal rates, but we will be donating $5 from every 1 hour session and $10 from every 90 minute session to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS.) If you want to help, make an appointment! You can also help by donating at our office (we have a donation jar!) or you can scroll to the bottom of this email for web links to our Team in Training Donation pages and you can donate directly.


Thanks for being awesome clients and for supporting our efforts to be even better people and a better business!


Now, continue to read if you would like to learn more about LLS, our marathon training (how we are raising money!), or why we are doing it… please do! Even if you can’t donate, we appreciate encouragement and well wishes 🙂


So, a few years ago I (Jessica) decided I wanted to become a runner. I’ve thought this many times over the years, but didn’t do too well with the execution of my plan. I would try to run for a week or two… Maybe you saw me. I was the chunky chick with the bright red face, sweating profusely and gasping for breath, looking like a water buffalo stuck in a mud pit. Yup, that was me. Well, this time I was not only determined, but I had a plan (couch to 5k, it really works!) and I had support from my dear girlfriend, Faith. It made all of the difference. It’s still been crazy hard, but I’ve stuck with it. At first my goal was a 5k. Then a 10k. Then a half marathon (13.1 miles!) I’ve managed to do all of those things although it wasn’t pretty, I still sweat like a pig and turn bright red, let’s face it, I’m also still a bit chunky. But the point is I’m doing it. Faith has been right by my side the whole way. Running comes easier to her and she’s run in the past, but she’s building her mileage, just like me. Anyway, now I’ve set my sights on a marathon. Yes, even I think 26.2 miles is insane. But hey, it’s good to have goals, right?


Those previous, shorter races have mostly been for good causes (part of the entry fees go to a charity) but the marathon is different. This time, we wanted it to be something bigger, more important. So we decided to join Team In Training (TnT) and we have committed to raise at least $3,500 each for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a part of our marathon goal. When we raise the funds, we’ll be running in the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in June!


TnT is an amazing organization that does so much for those battling leukemia and lymphoma. I have a personal reason for supporting TnT because my sister-in-law, Beth, was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of lymphoma while pregnant with her second child, my adorable (and a bit bossy) niece, Alison. Beth endured very difficult treatments following the birth of Alison and eventually it went into remission. We are so grateful that she had access to such amazing care and that she is doing well today. The Leukemia and Lymphoma society, among others, helped her through that difficult process. Faith has a personal tie to the cause as well, since she’s been working with cancer patients for years as an infusion nurse. As she puts it, cancer sucks and blood cancer patients are cool.


While we’ve made great strides in cancer research, there is so much more to be done. Thirty years ago, there was no effective treatment for leukemia. In 1960, the survival rate for children with the most common form of leukemia was only 4%!! Chemotherapy, which is now an effective treatment for patients with most forms of cancer, was pioneered by leukemia research. Thanks to research supported by programs like Team in Training, the five-year survival rate for children diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) has increased to 81%. Patients with leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s Disease and myeloma, have an overall survival rate of over 40%. Funding helps research happen, and research helps patients. Donations through TnT go to research and also to patients to pay the medical bills and receive medical treatments. TnT is an organization that puts most of the donated funds in the hands of patients and research programs, unlike other charity organizations that pocket a lot of the money. That makes us comfortable to ask for donations & to contribute part of Endless Summer’s income to the cause.


If you would like to donate directly or if you just want to follow our progress, go to these links:


Faith’s TnT page:


Jessica’s TnT page: This is also my training blog, and if you’d like to follow my training process.


Thank you reading all the way to the end & for your support and encouragement! Come in for an appointment this month to help the cause!


Jessica & Faith


P.S.: if you work for a company that does charitable donations, please consider passing on the information to see if they might donate. Also, ask if they do matching donations (whatever you donate, they match.)

An Article About Massage Benefits

Here’s an article I found that discusses the benefits of massage during times of ailment and wellness. It covers the physiological changes caused by massage, which I find very interesting. I’m really science minded when it comes to massage.

The article also discusses the issue of massage becoming an accepted medical treatment with insurance benefit coverage. I suspect it will still be awhile before this is common place. However, it is gaining in acceptance with research and experience showing the benefits in case after case.

– Jessica