Fundraising & Running Efforts – and Update

Just a quick post because a few people have asked… how are things going? Quite well!


Two weeks from today we leave for San Diego to run in the Rock and Roll Marathon. We have officially moved into the “taper” phase of training, which means we are dropping our mileage to allow our muscles to recover and be fresh for the race. We feel good and we’re looking forward to the race. No plans on breaking any records (ha!) but we feel confident that we’ll be able to finish 🙂


About the fundraising, it’s going well but we aren’t quite there yet. Our deadline is Monday and we’ve made great strides toward our goals. Tomorrow we’ll be counting the donations in our donation jar at the office (thanks to everyone that contributed!) and we’ll be adding it to our fundraising totals. We’ll also be taking the rest of the donations from our massage fees to contribute (over $200 last month, this month we have already donated $95 of our earnings and we’ll add a bit more for the rest of the sessions this month!) It’s been an interesting process, since neither of us have undertaken something like this and the goals are quite high! But, it’s an important cause to both of us so we’ve been working hard at it.


If you’d like to donate directly, please visit our links:


And feel free to ask us about the training or about the race, we love the encouragement! Thanks to all of our awesome clients for being supportive of us while we take on this adventure!

Thank You!

For the month of April we’ve been fundraising for the leukemia and lymphoma society by taking a portion of our massage fees and through a collection jar in our massage space.

This month we collected $230 to go toward our goals! It went so well that we’ve decided to do it again for the month of May. Our race is the first weekend of June, so that will work perfectly!
If you missed last month’s message, the quick run down is that we are training for a marathon through the Team in Training group, which fundraises for the leukemia and lymphoma society. It is my (Jessica) first marathon and Faith’s second 🙂
Thanks for the kind words we’ve received and as always for being our clients.
How can you help? There are multiple ways!
The easiest? Just schedule an appointment! For the next month we will take $5 from every one hour session and $10 from every 90 minute session and donate it to the cause. The fee to you is the same.
If you come in for an appointment, you can drop a little something in the donation jar. Everything counts! Pocket change to big bills, it all goes to a worthy cause!
Want to do more (or want a tax deductible receipt)? You can donate directly on our fundraising pages:
This is also the link to our blogs if you’d like to read more words from us about the process and why we are doing this.
And finally, just cheer us on. Give us a cheer as we go through this challenge!
Thanks again for being great clients & we hope to see you soon!
Jessica & Faith