Foam rolling and Back Pain

I periodically get the question about using a foam roller for back muscles. The foam roller works incredibly well for a lot of different muscle groups, but the back can be a challenge. In researching something for a client, I ran across this website with some really helpful information on how to do it. 

Remember with foam rolling, or actually with any self-massage tool, it usually takes some practice to get it right. Learning how to position yourself, how to use the right amount of pressure, etc. may be challenging in the beginning. But, stick with it. The more you care for yourself between sessions, the better you will feel!

Cold and Flu season

Every year, about this time, we get calls from clients asking if massage would be good or bad if they are coming down with or recovering from a cold or a flu. The quick answer is to avoid massage if you are coming down with something or if you are actively sick. If you are recovering (a week or more past initial symptoms) massage might help to clear the last of the symptoms. Jessica wrote a short article in 2011 about the subject, which you can read here.

Healthy wishes for the new year!