How do you use a Theracane?

We regularly recommend the Theracane for home use as a tool to help clients work out some of the knots and tension that develop in our shoulders, neck and upper back. It’s a great tool, since it’s hard to reach those places on yourself! Plus it uses mostly leverage instead of strength.

I was recently searching for a how-to video for a client and I found a pretty good one that covers common areas that cause people trouble. But, if you want to learn more just do a web search for how to use theracane, or you can be specific and type in what is bothering you. It can be used on a lot of different muscle groups and I’ve found it to be very effective in warding off tension headaches as well.

If you decide you’d like to get one, they can be found on Amazon, or locally they are carried by the Healthy Back Store (if you mention Endless Summer Massage you get a discount – it doesn’t benefit us in anyway, only our clients.)

Here is a pretty good video with tips for how you can use your Theracane.