Did you know?

At Endless Summer, we try to think of little things that may help our clients.

Did you know…

If you are cold natured, we can add an extra blanket or turn up the table warmer?

If you have long hair, but forgot a hair tie we have a supply in a jar on our desk. (Please keep them once used!)

If you are uncomfortable laying face down because of your bust size, we have a specialized pillow to relieve that pressure?

If you need to use the restroom mid-session, we have a robe you can put on to dart down the hallway (not ideal, but at least it’s an option!)

If you prefer lotion to massage gel (what we usually use in session) – just ask. If you have something you prefer at home, bring it with you and we will try it out.

If you don’t like the sleepy massage music, we can play other music.

If you have any other requests, just ask! You never know, we may be able to accommodate!

Neck Wrap for Tight, Sore Muscles

I’ve recommended this delightful neck wrap to many clients and today I looked it up online. I thought I would share it. I think *anyone* would benefit from this awesome wrap. You throw it in the microwave for a short bit (I usually do 2 min, but play around with it) and it stays warm for quite awhile. It’s better than other wraps because it actually drapes down in the back to give warmth to the tight rhomboids most everyone seems to have. Also, it has a removable cover so you can easily wash it. Good stuff for tight, sore necks. I use mine pretty regularly…

Here it is on Amazon.