Happy Anniversary & An Announcement


Happy Spring!

Endless Summer Massage just celebrated our 5th anniversary and we want to say thank you! Over the past 5 years we have moved from the Couch Building on Ninth street to our peaceful location on Iredell. We have added another lovely therapist to see clients part-time, the talented Theresa. Each year brings us new clients in addition to those we’ve known for some time and we appreciate those new to us and those that have been with us over the years.  We are proud of the business we have built and we are so glad you have been a part of it.

As we move into our sixth year of business, we look forward to another busy and wonderful year! We are continuing to build Theresa’s clientele, while Faith and Jessica continue to see their regular clients. Also, as some of you know, Jessica has been working her way through nursing school for the past few years. We are proud to announce that her graduation is quickly approaching! In May she will have officially finished her studies. She is looking forward to finding a nursing position this summer. She plans to work as a nurse 2-3 days a week while continuing to see her regular clients on the off days. She is looking forward to the transition away from exams and papers.

We do have one important announcement to make. As of June 1st, Endless Summer will be raising our rates slightly. This is only the second time in five years. Regrettably, over time, business expenses increase. We have always strived to keep our massage rates lower than others in the triangle. We think massage is important for a healthy well-being & for most people it can only be a part of a healthy life style if it is also affordable. In researching other independent massage therapy offices in the area, we found the average price for an hour session ranges from $75 – 85. Our rate has been $66. After much debate, we have decided to raise our hourly session rate to $70. This small adjustment will help to offset the added expenses of our growing business while still keeping us below the local average. We will continue to offer our package deal, which helps to offset this price increase for our clients. If you aren’t familiar with our package deal, you can prepay for 5 sessions at full price and you receive the 6th session for free.

Thank you again for being a client of Endless Summer Massage and we hope you will join us for another wonderful year.

Jessica & Faith