Locally Owned, Therapist Owned

What does it mean when we say we’re locally owned, therapist owned?

It means that giving you personalized attention is more important to us than getting the maximum number of clients through the door in as little time as possible. Our appointments are for 60 or 90 minutes of hands-on time, with enough time between appointments to thoroughly assess your needs and address them.

It means that there are no membership fees, no contracts, and no high-pressure sales pitch.

It means once you’ve developed a relationship with your therapist, you won’t call to find out she’s moved on to another job.

It means that your money stays in the Triangle, rather than going to a franchise owner in another state.

We live in the Triangle, we work in the Triangle, and we love the Triangle. You’ll see us at the farmers’ markets, running in a local 5k and you might spy us eating at many of our loved local restaurants.

We’re locals, just like you.